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Eligible Animals for Adoption

Looking to add a furry friend or two to your family?!


Visit our most up-to-date listings on PetFinder to see kittens and cats currently eligible for adoption:

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Adoption Related Questions

  • I only want ONE kitten.  Do you adopt single kittens?

No.  We only adopt baby kittens (animals under 6 months of age) in pairs to homes, unless you already have a young cat and are looking for a friend for it. Cats are very social creatures that do best emotionally and psychologically, with a feline companion.  Young kittens are especially needy for time and energy, and can become restless, depressed or aloof without constant playful engagement.  Plus, bringing two requires the same as one, as you already have to buy all the materials for a single cat, adding a second takes no extra additional supplies (aside from extra food), and gives you the benefits of watching two babies grow, learn, and play as a team. Very often we get litters where specific kittens are bonded, and breaking that bond to adopt them to different homes is emotionally damaging and can cause potential issues to outside adopters.  This is especially true if the litter is a pair of orphans.  Because they are without a mama, they will spend ALL of their time with each other, and will be deeply united. 

  • I want the smallest, most tiniest baby you have.  I'd even love one with a bottle!  Do you adopt neonatal kittens?

Never.  The level of care and medical attention neonatal kittens need comes with hours of training and education.  Taking on a neonatal kitten is taking on the care of a life.  Young kittens are subject to all kinds of illnesses, diseases and gastrointestinal issues. While we know how cute a tiny baby is, we also know how fragile they are, too, and how quickly they can fail.  Trust us - the best kittens are the healthy ones, ready for a home at an age-appropriate time.

  • Do you only have baby kittens for adoption?

While we tend to work mostly with neonatal and orphan kittens, we often have older kittens (over 6 months of age) and friendly adults looking for their furever homes!  One of our specialties is working with mama cats and their babies, and when mom is done doing her job, she needs a home too!

  • We already have a cat and are very nervous about getting a second cat!  Help!

For adopters looking at adding a new furry addition to their family, it’s important to remember it takes time, care and patience to slowly introduce a new animal into an established animal's home.  Usually older cats do best adjusting to a younger kitten, as they feel less threatened. But, in time most animals adjust and become fast friends. It is critical to know that if you are going to bring a new animal into your family, you must be patient and not expect instant friendship, and you must support and love both your current pets and your new ones, as they make the transition. 

  • Can we bring our cat to meet the kittens and see who gets along?

No.  For the safety of the kittens and your cat, we do not allow trial introductions.  It is far too stressful on the animals.  Cats are territorial and deeply rooted in routine.  Your cat doesn't want to leave their palace for a new, scary place- and most certainly not one full of other new cats to fight off!  Any introduction of a new animal needs to take place in the animals forever home, post adoption, where they can feel safe in their space, set boundaries and establish a relationship.

  • We're not sure we are ready to commit to a new cat.  We'd love to take one or two of your kittens home and try them out!  Is that ok?

No. We do not do trial adoptions. Prospective adopters needs to be ready to welcome an animal into their home forever at the time of application.  Adjustment to a new space is difficult for a kitten and can cause undue stress.  Kittens under our care are on a strict diet with regulated medical care.  Sending a kitten into an unknown environment and potentially exposing them to illness or new foods, only leads to unnecessary veterinary care.  

  • I would love to come play with the kittens!  Can I just visit?

As cute as they are, for their safety, we only offer visits to prospective adopters with completed applications. 

  • Do you have an adoption fee?

Yes.  As with all rescues, animals with Itty Bitty City Kitties are subject to contractual obligation and an adoption fee.  The fee for a single animal is $175. Bonded pairs are a single kitten fee.  It is payable via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Check, or Cash, and due at the time of adoption.  This fee includes the Kitten Starter Kit, all kitten well vet care, all vet records, and of course, the animal!  

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