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TNR Resources and Information

One of the main missions of Itty Bitty City Kitties is to reduce to population of feral and stray cats in the Rockaway Beach, NYC, area.  We work closely with several local colony caretakers, as well as partner with Far Rock Cats, to tackle the never-ending need for care for Community Cats. Itty Bitty City Kitties provides caretakers with access to TNR resources, training and gear, as well as provides rescue resources and foster placements for friendly cats and young kittens.  

Help us make a difference in the lives of Community Cats today!  $75 gives TWO cats their spay/neuter, vaccines and microchips!  Click to donate HERE..!

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What is TNR?

Trap-Neuter-Return, or "TNR," is the most humane and effective method in helping Community Cats not only get medical care, but to help in reducing the outdoor population of cats, and limiting the numbers of kittens born on the streets.  Cats are trapped and brought to a veterinary clinic. They're then spayed or neutered, vaccinated against diseases, and ear tipped (the tip of one ear is cut off and sealed in a painless procedure, which allows rescuers to know if a cat has been through the TNR process or not). After an animal has recovered from the procedures, they are returned back to their original area where a caretakers continue to provides food, clean water and shelter, and monitor the cats for any additional medical needs.

How Can YOU Help Outdoor Cats?

The best way is to get TNR Certified!  You TOO can learn to trap and get (often free of very low cost) help for the outdoor cats that call your area home. There is an abundance of information on certification, as well as multiple resources to help you along the way.  

TNR Information and Resource Websites:

TNR Certification Courses:


Check Out Far Rock Cats HERE!

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Local to Far Rockaway and looking for TNR help or resources?

Contact them HERE!

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Local Resources for Community Cat Caretakers in the Rockaway Beach, NYC, Area

Itty Bitty City Kitties is proud to partner with Far Rock Cats to provide High Volume TNR, as well as Resources, Information, Assistance, Support and Food, to Colony Caretakers in Rockaway Beach, NYC.  

Are you a local caretaker looking for help with supplies for your colony?  Click Below!

Are you TNR certified interested in renting equipment local to Rockaway for TNR work? Click Below!

Are you looking for help to TNR local cats in your area?  Click Below!

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